Gift of Prayer

Written by James Nored


Prayer--This gift equips one to pray for an extended period or on a regular basis for individuals and specific ministries.  An example of leading through prayer would be  praying throughout the day for someone (Eph. 6:18).

Spiritual Gifts Passages on Prayer

12 Be . . . faithful in prayer (Rom. 12:12)
"7b Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray . . . " (1 Pet. 4:7b). 
"15b I will pray with the spirit, but I will also pray with the mind" (1 Cor. 14:15b).

Characteristics of Those with This Gift:
Keep a constant dialogue with God throughout the day
-  Consistently pray for people and ministries
-  Follow through when asked to pray for people
-  May have set times for prayer
-  Have a strong belief that God works powerfully in the world and responds to prayer

Application for World/Workplace/Neighborhood
-  Be attentive to the lives of your co-workers, especially during challenging times, and let them know you are praying for them; when appropriate, pray for them "in the moment"
-  Go on prayer walks in your neighborhood, praying for each house as you pass by and praying for those you meet on your walk
-  Make a prayer list of all your unchurched family and friends and pray for them; also, pick out 2-3 that you will especially pray for

Application for Church Ministry
-  Serve as a "prayer warrior" for the church and, if there is not an active prayer ministry, begin one; when you pray for someone, send them a message to let them know this
-  Let church leaders and ministry leaders know that you will pray for the church, their ministries, and any individuals whose names they send you
-  Make a prayer list and/or website for prayer requests for both Christians and the lost

Application for Family
-  Pray constantly for your spouse, that God may guard him or her from harm, infidelity, accident, depression/worry/anxiety, and job loss, that he or she becomes a Christ-follower or stays on the Christian path, that you might have joy together for many, many years, and that you serve God and others together as a couple
-  Pray constantly for your children, that they may be protected from harm, abuse, and inappropriate sexuality, that they might accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, that they might marry a Christian, that they might realize all of their potential, and that they may be blessed in every way

Testimony/Example of How People Have Used This Gift:
Eloise, collector/antique dealer, recent convert, guardian of son with illness, raising four grandchildren--“The spiritual gift of Prayer is a part of my everyday life. Not only do I pray for myself but I constantly pray for the sake of others.  I believe that through prayer we overcome our worries and fears in times of trouble and indifference, poor health, all of our overwhelming situations. We acknowledge that God is in control and we trust him . . . . In my life I pray many prayers and ask for God’s will. So many prayers are answered.”


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