Get Started Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Written by James Nored

A person can begin discovering his or her Spiritual Gifts with a FREE Your Spiritual Gifts Inventory. This free inventory gives a person his or her top five Spiritual gifts (and three additional gifts to consider), as well as definitions of each gift. The Complete Spiritual Gifts Assessment can be purchased for $9.99 by individuals, or churches can purchase the Complete Spiritual Gifts Assessment for all of their members and receive a password to give to their members to take this full assessment.  The Complete Spiritual Gifts Assessment includes:
  • A person’s top five Spiritual gifts, and three additional gifts to consider
  • Characteristics of each Spiritual Gift
  • A biblical word study of each Spiritual gift
  • Testimonials and videos of how people have used these Spiritual gifts
  • A plan for a person to use their gifts in the different aspects of their lives--work/workplace/world, in the church, and in their marriage/family.